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Our events are non-refundable under nearly every situation possible. The process of producing a race is done well in advance of the actual event so the money generated by your registration fees is gone very early in the proceedings. This leaves us, as organizers with a lot of money spent and a lot of stuff we can't do anything with.  If there is an option for us to offer refunds we will exhaust all options to do so but guarantee nothing in the event of event changes or cancellations. 

Cancellations: ‚Äč

Our goal is always to produce the event we promised and advertised. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make that impossible and in those instances we cancel an event. The reasons we will cancel an event include but are not limited to dangerous weather and dangerous course conditions. The decision on these instances will be weighed with info from the National Weather Service, local authorities, and our staff on the safety of all involved at any point during the advertised time of the event. Before canceling a race we will attempt to reschedule or relocate the event. If one of those options are possible you will be notified and there will be no refunds given due to those changes. All participants agree to accept this risk at the time of registration. Management reserves the right to reject or accept a race entry for any reason. 


Due to insurance guidelines our races do not allow pets on the course. If you take a pet onto the course you could be disqualified from the event and removed from the course. 


Any information that needs to be sent to participants will done so through the email provided on your registration as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages. Please provide an email address that you will check and receive the emails we send. We will not accept responsibility for messages not received due to the use of an un-monitored email account. 

Event Policies