Race your friends, race strangers, create a team, and race other teams through our entire year of races in a single series. 

How it works: Run a Get Racing event and score points corresponding to your overall placement in the race. Points scored accumulate throughout the course of the year so you'll be able to compete with other local runners all year long in much more than just a single race. Think there's no way to win because you won't win an actual race? Well that's not true and that is what makes this fun. A fast person may come run a race or two and win them which gives them a good chunk of points but then you run all the races and place somewhere in the middle of the pack. Guess what? You just won the Grand Prix! The system rewards consistency and effort so the playing field is as level as we can make it. 

Scoring: Your overall place in the race will give you a point score using the scoring system below and scores will be posted and updated throughout the year so you can keep track of where you stand. 

5K = 100-500 pts 

Longer than 5K = 200-800 pts

Ex: Place first in a 5K and you would get 500 points. Place last and you score 100 points. All other finisher places will have their score align with the point value in between those two. So 150th place scores 301 points. 

‚ÄčTeams: Part of a running club, company, or some other group and want to compete against other groups? We want you to do that and we will make it easy for you. Simply email getracing15@gmail.com and give us your team name. We will add you to the list and your participants can choose to have their score also count towards your team total. Runners must choose the counted toward the team at the time of registration. They will not be added after the fact. Team scores will be comprised of team members individual scores and teams will have their own separate competition from the individual category. 

There is no fee to enter into the Grand Prix as we want this to be a thing of inclusion and fun for all who are interested. 

What's on the line? Pride and prizes. We will have a yearly wrap up run/celebration and award a number of special prizes to winners in a lot of different and fun categories that we will announce as we get those sorted out. 

New for 2020, the GET RACING GRAND PRIX!

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